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Ride Area Rules

  • All riders must have tickets.
  • Single riders may need to be placed with others.
  • No refunds.
  • No running or horseplay.
  • All riders must wear shoes.
  • No food, drinks, or smoking on rides.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the ride area.
  • Follow the instructions of the ride operator.
  • Follow all posted warnings and rules
  • Parents must remain outside ride fence until ride has come to a complete stop when waiting for children.
  • Some rides have height and age requirements. There are no exceptions!
  • Parents please help children into riding devices.
  • Children must be able to receive, understand and follow instruction to ride.
  • You must remain seated in a proper position and keep your arms and legs inside riding device at all times.

Park Facilities

Restrooms- There are four large restrooms with running water, paper towels and soap. These are located in the following areas: inside the pool area, just south of the ride area, just north of the miniature golf area on the road between the rides and swimming pool entrance, and on the north side of the park to the east of the paddle boats. Portable restrooms are located throughout the park.

ATM- Locate near the swimming pool entrance. There is a $2.75 fee.

First Aid- First aid is located at the “check stand” at the swimming pool entrance. When the pool is not open first aid assistance may be obtained at the ticket office in the ride area or the front gate of the park. If you are injured on an amusement device please notify the ticket attendant.

Lost and Found- Lost and found for the ride area is the ticket office. All other lost and found items are sent to the swimming pool “check stand.” If you loose an item and it is not found that day please leave your name and phone number at the park office with a description of the item. You may also want to call back to see if the item has been turned in at a later date (972 242-7449).

Park Office- The park office is located on the second floor above the swimming pool entrance. Use the green carpeted ramp on the East Side of the building to access the office. The office is for official office business only. Shirt and shoes required. No kids or wet swim suits please.

Guests with disabilities
Welcome to Sandy Lake Park! All park guests should know the criteria required to ride each individual ride. All riders must be able to independently maintain seated postural control under the dynamic conditions of the various rides. Some rides require the ability to grasp with one or both functional hands, brace with one or both functional legs, or maintain control of head, neck and limbs. Any rider with a mental disability that does not understand the consequences of their actions should ride with a guardian or someone qualified to supervise them. Each ride has a unique criterion; therefore anyone with any type of physical or mental disability (temporary or permanent) should see the ride supervisor for assistance. Park employees are not allowed to physically transfer guests. Employees may assist with balance only. For assistance please ask at the ticket booth. Mobility aids and prosthetics should be left off of rides.

Rider Restrictions
All amusement devices have height or age restrictions. Some devices have minimum height requirements while others have maximum height requirements. In either case Sandy Lake Park cannot make exceptions. These requirements are set forth by ride manufacturers to insure rider safety. Small guests and physically impaired guests must also meet these requirements without exception. Each ride is different, and therefore the criteria for riding may be different on each ride.  Some kid rides have minimums as low as 32”, however riders must additionally be able to receive, understand and follow direction. Riders must also be able to independently sit up and hold on throughout the ride. Due to the designs of seating safety devices on various rides, exceptionally large people may not be able to ride some rides. There are also certain rides that require an age restriction. These restrictions are a safety measure, so we ask for your cooperation and understanding.

Rider Misconduct
Any person disobeying park rules, engaging in horseplay, or acting in a way that is considered unsafe by park management to that person or other persons may be asked to leave the park or ride area without refund. If a rider is injured due to misconduct, Sandy Lake Park will not assume responsibility. Please keep hands and feet inside and remain seated at all times.


Intoxicated Guests
If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol do not attempt to ride any rides for the safety of yourself and others. Sandy Lake Park reserves the right to deny any guest suspected of being intoxicated access to amusement devices. Park management also reserves the right to ask intoxicated guests to leave the park without refund.

Amusement Ride Dynamics
There are certain physiological changes that may occur while riding amusement devices. If you have any condition that may be affected by motions or forces associated with those created while riding an amusement ride we suggest you do not ride. The action of some rides may cause motion sickness. If you suffer from motion sickness we suggest you do not ride. Due to the mechanisms of some rides it is not possible to come to an immediate stop. We suggest that you observe the rides in motion before riding if you are unsure about riding.


  • Heart Condition 
  • Back or Neck Disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Seizures
  • Dizziness or Motion Sickness
  • Other Physical Ailments which may be aggravated by the motions of the rides.


For a printable version of the Sandy Lake Park Policies click HERE.

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If you cannot view the Printable Park Policies, you will need to install a .PDF viewer program. You can download Adobe® Reader for Free by clicking the link below.

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