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Miniature Golf at Sandy Lake Park

It’s a little different...


Is it miniature golf or what? That is a question people often ask when they see the unusual golf course at Sandy Lake Park. With several fairways over 100 feet in length and the “hill” that give the course much of its character, people soon realize it’s not just another mini-golf.

In 2003 a staff writer for the Dallas Morning News picked her ten favorite miniature golf courses from nearly 100 courses in the Metroplex. She toured the top ten courses with a team of teenagers armed with evaluation cards. The Sandy Lake course scored high marks for uniqueness, challenging play and overall appeal for all ages. Sandy Lake ended up fifth, which we thought was excellent.

Of course, the course is open to individuals, but many group picnics stage a tournament as part of their activities. Score cards, clubs and balls are provided and you might want to keep an eye on your golf buddies and make sure there isn’t any “fudging.” Par for the course is 46.

An e-mail from a customer:

The following is an e-mail from a customer in June of 2006. We get lots of thank you notes and good reviews from people who visit the park, and we felt this e-mail represents the feelings of most people. For your consideration, it is unedited and reproduced here with permission from Melonie Osterloh and family.

My family visited Sandy Lake Amusement Park today for the first time…and we were thoroughly IMPRESSED! We will be repeat customers.

I really loved the old style traditional setting, so relaxed and peaceful…a real family friendly place. Your employees were more than helpful and courteous. And my children had a blast! Truly a great value!

Thank you for providing safe, clean and nostalgic fun for those of us who miss the good times of our own childhood and wish to pass some of it on to our kiddos. Your park is wonderful and everything about it makes it great for people with small children…like multiple restroom locations, water fountains, easy access back to our car for supplies, and ability to bring a picnic lunch, and so on.

Awesome! Keep up this wonderful service to the pubic,

Melonie Osterloh and children Eric, Dana Rachel and Aaron.

Pony Rides Remain Sandy Lake Park’s Favorite Ride for Kids

Banana Pudding, Quanah Parker and Pistol may sound like funny names for a horse, but there is Black Beauty, Trigger and Mr. Ed to set things right. The herd of Shetland ponies that make up the Sandy Lake Park pony ride get their names from the color of their hair or any other characteristic of the individual. Kids like to match the ponies with their name or even give their favorite pony a special name of their own. Either way, each child seems to have a favorite pony, or two or three.

The Sandy Lake ponies live a great life. They spend most of their time munching on the best hay, enjoying a bucket of oats and just taking it easy in the pasture. Six months of the year is vacation time. Turned out on pasture near Pilot Point, Texas when the park is closed, the ponies just get to be, well, ponies.

Even when they are on the job they just work six hours a day, two days a week plus holidays. The herd usually numbers around twelve members, but a maximum of eight ponies work on any given day. They job share what is already an easy task.

Actually, their work is good exercise and any horse owner will tell you that ponies seem to love children as much as children love them.

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